Close up of Aloha From Hawaii Opal Tribute Ring.

Aloha From Hawaii Opal Tribute Ring

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While many watched Aloha from Hawaii on their television sets, some people were actually there to see Elvis Presley take the stage. Those fans were not charged to see the king perform, but they were encouraged to donate to the Kui Lee Cancer Fund. Whether it be a penny or a hundred dollars, no donation was too big or too small. In total, $75,000 dollars was raised for the charity.

Elvis was a generous man, but he had a lot to share, in both talent and material items. He was one of the first well-renowned performers all decked out in bling. This ring will not break your bank, leaving you plenty of money to donate to charity or your freeloader friends. Covered in opals and diamonds, it looks incredible on any finger!


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