Side of coin with warrior.

Roman Coin Necklace

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Ever flipped a coin? While you were watching it spin through the air, did you think it would be an awesome piece to put on a necklace? You are right, it would be like having two different necklaces! Just like the demons inside, you could show either of the faces to the world, or neither if you hide it under your shirt. To go along with that inner darkness, this a Roman coin on this cord and the words are in Latin! Yep, that language all the ancient monstrosities in movies keep speaking to cast all sorts of evil.

Speaking mysterious chants that summon the dead not your thing? That's fine, it is just a coin with a few old world words on it. Like anyone would really believe this thing is magical. That is why you were interested in it? It really is! You know you want it.

I can see you moving away to close the page, I will offer you one last secret about this particular item. It is much like one that Elvis Presley himself wore! The King of Rock and Roll can be seen in the other images with a coin on a cord. You know you want to be cool and who is cooler than the Mr. Presley? NO ONE! Of course, what other answer did you think was acceptable? We aren't called The King's Bling for nothing. Now that I have distracted you for this long, you might as well buy it and stay distracted!